Quantum Group
Quantum Group
We love brands, and we love the ideas behind them even more.

Game changers. Brave,
free and forward-looking,
in every single thought.

We love brands, and we love the ideas behind them even more.

What do Coco Chanel and Peter Higgs have in common?

It’s always exceptional people with passion and talent who, acting out of conviction and with the power of their will, transform ideas into something new and unique that will have a lasting impact on our lives. We admire this sort of spirit and are convinced it is a key ingredient for progress and a better future.

Quantum sees itself as a platform creator for bold and ambitious brands, projects and people. Our goal is to build an international multi-brand platform around a clear vision: working with stories and personalities to turn big ideas into big impact. We believe that the right idea and the sustainable mindset behind a venture or company matter much more than product categories or market segments. That’s why we’re passionate about ideas, ventures and brands that move us and the world with their visions and stories – and sometimes even have the potential to transform the world into a better place.

About us

The goal of creating a new type of multi-brand platform.

Quantum Group is a Swiss-based holding company dedicated to creating a new multi-brand platform. Our established partnerships and privileged access to technologies and brands around the globe offer us the best potential and opportunities for success.

“If you can’t explain it
simply, you don’t
understand it well enough.”
Albert Einstein


Having a different angle to approach things.

Quantum not only invests in pioneering new fields, future technologies and scientific projects, but also focuses on long-term investments in carefully selected companies and brands that offer an enormous lifestyle, luxury and premium potential with products that represent an idea and a way of life. Investments in the mobility, technology and software sectors are part of Quantum’s outlook for 2030.

Quantum selects its investments by looking at the idea and the stories behind the companies, at their mission and their sense of purpose – and whether the selected companies demonstrate a clear commitment to sustainability. This explains why Quantum finances not only watch brands but also research projects in the field of physics, for example. That’s just how it is when you recognize synergies that only become apparent with a more differentiated view.

“A holistic view of the world, in all its facets. Courageous, free and always with a sense of purpose. We are committed to this goal and are looking for partnerships that share the same vision.”
Rea Stark, Founding Partner Quantum Group SA

The bigger picture

It's the big picture that counts.

Quantum was founded by designers, brand experts, mathematicians and economists, backed up by the strength of an interdisciplinary network of world-class experts – decentralized, fast and global. Quantum combines the classic virtues of a private equity firm with a deep understanding of brands, people and markets. With this long-term, holistic approach, we want our portfolio companies to grow and develop together with our investors and consumers.

“If a problem can be solved, there is
no use worrying about it. If it can’t
be solved, worrying will do no good."
From the movie “Seven Years in Tibet”

Specialist partner

Quantum sees itself not just as an investor, but as a true partner.

With capital, end-to-end expertise and the use of internal and external networks and partnerships, we offer companies specific new opportunities for consistent growth and profitable market value. Our portfolio strategy is defined by a profound brand awareness and a clear understanding of what makes brands strong and successful, particularly in a rapidly growing world of premium brands, providing not only established brands but also outstanding newcomers and innovative start-ups with the ideal framework for growth and development.

A greater sense
of purpose

We believe that great ideas, great products and great companies are destined to succeed.

But what do we do with the profits? Are there new ways and ideas for using profits to make a lasting difference for us, our world and our future?

We are ready to explore new ideas and break new ground here as well.

“Flying is learning to
throw yourself
at the ground and miss.”
Douglas Adams